Having a sound roof is foundational to a healthy home. Often, we get calls from people around the northern rivers, looking to start a whole gamete of work around their home (be it a maintenance boost or full blown renovation) who want to start with their roof. It makes sense starting from the top and working your way down, for without a waterproof roof, that’s been restored and or painted, the rest of the home isn’t fully protected.

As the name of this blog implies – there are two distinct types of roof jobs that we at Full Circle Refinishing see. Asked to pressure clean many roofs in the northern rivers, often the conversation will turn into whether we can quote to repair and re-paint too. Roof restoration is a complete overhaul of a tiled or tin roof, at a much greater cost than simply painting, which is what we offer. In many cases though, often with tin roofs, if all seams, screws and calking is in good condition, a paint can be all that’s required.

Keeping in mind the old saying – there’s the right tool for every job, at Full Circle Refinishing we work in with partner roofing companies that specialise in roof repair. When we’re asked about repairs and or roof restoration, we’re able to get a very good idea of what’s required and include that in a roof restoration quote to then subcontract to our roofers prior to paint. Alternatively, we can have one of our roofing partners work with you directly if it’s deemed best, especially when significant restoration work is required prior to painting – such as replacement or structural work. We don’t really mind so long as at the end of the day a reputable, insured and licensed roofer does the correct repairs with the next decade or two in mind!

So, the long and the short is: when considering re-painting your roof, know that investing in the required pointing, tile changes, structural work, screw replacement, flashing and or other items is really mandatory for a successful and long lasting roof. Always feel free to call and ask questions, get a quote or ask for our trade partners; we’re here to support you with these items. Enjoy choosing that new roof colour!