It’s that time of the year again when we’re preparing for the warm(er!) weather. You’re probably starting to turn your attention to the outdoors and planning to prepare your deck for the various activities to come! The problem? Winter’s mud may still be clinging to the outside of your home, and that includes your deck.

As a homeowner, you might wonder how exactly you should deal with the accumulation of dirt and mildew on your deck. That’s where pressure cleaning comes in!

We recommend that you:


Clean The Deck Thoroughly Once A Year.

There are quite a handful of people who simply believe that their outdoor deck is simply just an attachment on the outside of their home, never requiring any maintenance. There are also those who resort to power cleaning only when the deck starts to show major signs of damage. It’s important to remember that an outdoor deck is constantly subjected to different weather conditions, dirt, mould, pollen, and daily wear and tear. These can easily fade, stain, warp, or flat-out ruin a deck.


Pressure Wash Your Deck On An Annual Basis.

A deck can remain sturdier and maintain its appearance for years to come with annual pressure washing sessions. It cleans away all the elements that can damage your deck in the long run. Cutting down the buildup of dirt, mildew, and algae on your deck can ensure that it stays in its optimal condition.


Clean Your Deck At The Right Time Of The Year.

When it comes to pressure cleaning, this can be done at any time throughout the year. However, we do believe it’s optimal to do so as Spring kicks in and the weather begins to warm up. This ensures that the area remains safe and will dry as quickly as possible. Another benefit to this schedule as well is that you would have a clean and pleasant deck to enjoy at BBQ parties for the remainder of the summer!


Tips and Tricks To Pressure Cleaning The Deck

  • Take all furniture and toys off the deck before pressure cleaning.
  • Close the doors and windows that are adjacent to the deck to prevent the water from getting into your home.
  • Cover nearby shrubbery with a tarp or plastic sheet before you begin. Drape it securely but loose enough to allow air circulation. This will protect the nearby vegetation from chemicals in cleaners and sealers.
  • Consider having the deck stained or sealed as added protection against the elements.
  • Follow the pressure cleaning expert’s directions on how long to wait after washing before stepping on the deck or returning furniture.

Power Washing Should Be Done Right.

As with any other home maintenance task, it is important to pressure clean your deck correctly for the best results. We do not recommend you attempt it yourself. High power washing equipment such as pressure washers can cause damage to the deck or other people if used improperly. They are great tools, but there are dangers to them as well.

At Full Circle Refinishing, we’d be happy to answer any questions you have on deck or home maintenance. Feel free to contact us for a free quote or to get the job done!