Meet the team

Our Philosophy

Full Circle Refinishing (FCR) is a niche vehicle for the revolution and re-founding of people’s environments.  It is with integrity through various means of clearing and refinishing that our purpose is to leave everyone who has contact with FCR, a magnificent imprint.

About FCR Roof and Deck Restoration (aka Full Circle Refinishing)

Full Circle Refinishing (re-branded to the nickname FCR ‘roof and deck restoration’ in 2020), is an independently owned and operated small business that began in 2013; an unfoldment from a single man unit into now a multi-disciplined 3 vehicle operation.

We knew that pressure cleaning services would provide great value if delivered correctly, but there was more to the business than just that. It brings great joy, whether it be a customer or one of our team, to get to see and feel the difference when a space is returned to its former glory. And that is essentially what we do here at FCR.

We uplift, restore and refinish external surfaces, in particular roofs and decks using high quality hot water pressure cleaners, specialised deck sanding equipment, honed preparation processes and then mastered application of various high quality coatings.  Where required we do this in conjunction with long standing business partners, in particular working with one of the largest roofing companies in the Northern Rivers and trusted professional painters.

We love to take your building from where it is, ‘full circle’, back to its original glory.

We have researched through trial and error the very best roof coatings that money can buy and landed on an outstanding local product manufactured in Burleigh Heads. Our approach is always sensible and respectful to the budget at hand, but we never compromise on the materials used for our roof painting work or elsewhere.

With our timber restoration work we take a practical and economical approach to get spaces up-to-par and then place you on either a repeat timber maintenance program, or a self-guided one. We don’t hold back on educating home and business owners as to the nature of their timber and deck requirements for longevity.

The team is small and can expand quickly with our trusted partners.  Everyone who works for FCR loves what they do and so when we are on site there is an ease and a productive flow amongst our team – we work with the latest in machinery, safety equipment and technology, whilst always being communicative, fun loving and professional. We are certified to work at heights and insured for all services provided.

Oliver Hallock - Owner Manager

Founder Oliver Hallock is active in ensuring a quality of care across all aspects of the business. A yachting and customer relationship background makes him fastidious about the final work and service levels. Oliver’s daily intention is to provide value, great results, ease of maintenance and reflect to all who come in contact with his business a sense of being met and regarded properly.

Jake Cox

Light footed, caring and experienced, there’s no-one else you’d rather have around to pressure clean, paint your roof and or maintain your deck.  With a carpentry apprenticeship under his belt and the holder of the painting license for FCR, Jake is the lynch-pin for the team and our Operations Manager.

Tony Martin

Tony Martin has lived and worked in the Northern Rivers area all his life. After completing his roof tiling apprenticeship in 1988 he has worked on both metal and tile roofs.

We often hear him saying something to the effect of, “I worked on this roof back in 1995.” Tony is our guy for repointing, replacing tiles, cleaning and painting your roof. When Tony isn’t on a roof top, he is with his wife and children, enjoying a busy family life.

Jesse McKee

As a trainee, Jesse is our youngest team member who supports the team both with what they need and by jumping in there on the different jobs. He is a very keen worker and adds an element of joy to everything he does. Jesse loves working and being a part of the FCR team.