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Specialising in pressure cleaning in Lismore, we
​are available for pressure cleaning jobs large or small.

How Often Should I Get My Lismore Property
Pressure Cleaned?

Lismore NSW has a damp environment being located inland near the ocean shores, surrounded by bushland and hinterland ridges. As a result, pressure cleaning in Lismore and other areas in the Northern Rivers region is a frequent request for us at Full Circle, with driveways, roof cleaning, and home wash downs often done on an annual basis.

Roof pressure cleaning or pressure washing is another popular service, with the need for roof mould removal and commercial pressure cleaning in Lismore also a must for many businesses to keep their premises looking good.

There’s an element of opportunity cost to high pressure cleaning in Lismore, Byron Bay, and surrounding areas in the Northern Rivers. Lismore pressure cleaners, like the team at Full Circle, understand that whilst there is an up front cost to pressure cleaning, to not pressure wash your paintwork and roofs etc can cost you more down the track through the degradation of surfaces from mould.

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Our Lismore Pressure Cleaning Services

From mouldy walls, paths, gutters or driveways, to whole buildings and roofs, our Lismore pressure cleaning can pressure-clean it all with hot and cold water with up to 5000psi of pressure. Servicing Lismore and other Northern Rivers areas, we do pressure cleaning jobs domestically and commercially.

Tall or Large Home Washing Tasks

With extension pressure cleaning wands that extend well over two stories, up to three at a stretch, there’s not much our pressure cleaning in Lismore, Byron Bay, and other parts of the Northern Rivers region can’t reach. Gutters, eves, roofs, walls and lamps are just some of the parts of a building we frequently clean using our extension pressure washing poles. Not to mention pesky cob-webs that you can never reach.

Commercial Water Blasting

Whether you have a wall in Ballina, a driveway in Byron Bay, or a whole school in Skennars Head, we have the pressure washing machines and man-power to complete the task. Experienced with all safety requirements, Full Circle Refinishing loves to work with you.

We’re not just offering high pressure cleaning in Lismore, Ballina, South Golden Beach, or Byron Bay. We offer the pressure cleaning Northern Rivers residents trust. That means, we’re more than happy to travel too, with a range not just within the Northern Rivers but also from Yamba to the Gold Coast, occasionally working in Brisbane for large jobs.

Concrete and Brick Paving or Driveway Cleaning

With up to 5000psi of high pressure that is adjustable to suit any pressure cleaning in Lismore job and a range of specialist whirl-away units designed to clean hard surfaces, we can in the most efficient manner take care of all concrete and brick paving and driveways. Carparks and the floors of commercial buildings are also easily done with our high pressure cleaning in Lismore, Byron Bay, Ocean Shores, South Golden Beach, and other Northern Rivers areas.

On The Ground Care & Graffiti Removal

We’ll tread around your garden carefully, to not disturb your plants and adjust the pressure of our machines to ensure no paint is flaked. Driveways, gutters, pathways and much more – our roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and high pressure cleaning in Lismore is all done with care and with a purposeful intent to satisfy each customer and clear your environment of old ju-ju.

Our Lismore pressure cleaning also works for graffiti removal offered with specialist products and knowledge on hand.

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About FCR Roof and Deck Restoration (aka Full Circle Refinishing)

Full Circle Refinishing (re-branded to the nickname FCR ‘roof and deck restoration’ in 2020), is an independently owned and operated small business that began in 2013; an unfoldment from a single man unit into now a multi-disciplined 3 vehicle operation.

We knew that roof cleaning and pressure cleaning services would provide great value if delivered correctly, but there was more to the business than just that. It brings great joy, whether it be a customer or one of our team, to get to see and feel the difference when a space is returned to its former glory. And that, is essentially what we do here at FCR.

Our pressure cleaning in Lismore NSW can uplift, restore and refinish external surfaces, in particular roofs and decks, using high quality hot water pressure cleaners, specialised deck sanding equipment, honed preparation processes and then mastered application of various high quality coatings.

Where required, we do our Lismore pressure cleaning in conjunction with long standing business partners, in particular working with one of the largest roofing companies in the Northern Rivers and trusted professional painters.

“When Oliver said he left our home “sparkling” I thought he was speaking figuratively. I pulled up outside our home and it was literally SPARKLING! I never realised our dark grey driveway concrete was in fact closer to white with little silver flecks that reflected the sunlight. The view out of my office window is no longer of old cobwebs and mould, but clean and clear – it just feels amazing. I did not realise how much cleaning the outside of my house would change what it feels like on the inside. Thank you Oliver!”
​Simone Miranda Lewis, Goonellabah, NSW

Before & After

Simone required the roof to be cleared using a blower, as the tree overhead was shedding it’s leaves. The gutters needed to be emptied, plus it was requested the whole home be freshened-up, because things were starting to get a bit stark.

Everything went to plan and in only a few hours the home looked fantastic, just for a down-poor expected that weekend.

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