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Your Ballina home: Why get your roof painted?

Ballina is today a well-established residential coastal area. Roof painting in Ballina is required more frequently than in some other areas as there is a lot of moisture in the air from being located so close to the South Pacifc Ocean. If your roof has already had to withstand a decade or two, or more, of harsh summers and wet seasons it might be time to look into house painting for your Ballina property. It’s important to hire a roof painter who knows what your roof requires; at Full Circle we use only the highest grade Australian made roof paints by Sun Tuff, Qld. Especially for the many tiled roof painting jobs that come-up in Ballina, if you’re attempting to re-coat your roof without the proper sealant, the paint applied won’t serve you as long as required.

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“When Oliver said he left our home “sparkling” I thought he was speaking figuratively. I pulled up outside our home and it was literally SPARKLING! I never realised our dark grey driveway concrete was in fact closer to white with little silver flecks that reflected the sunlight. The view out of my office window is no longer of old cobwebs and mould, but clean and clear – it just feels amazing. I did not realise how much cleaning the outside of my house would change what it feels like on the inside. Thank you Oliver!”
​Simone Miranda Lewis, Goonellabah, NSW

Before & After

Simone required the roof to be cleared using a blower, as the tree overhead was shedding it’s leaves. The gutters needed to be emptied, plus it was requested the whole home be freshened-up, because things were starting to get a bit stark.

Everything went to plan and in only a few hours the home looked fantastic, just for a down-poor expected that weekend.