Roof Restoration and Roof painting in the Northern Rivers: we paint all kinds of roofs
including colourbond, tiles and commercial roofs.

Tin or Colorbond Roof Painting

When painting a tin roof, it can be especially important to clean the old coating extremely well, for without a proper clean with a very powerful hot water pressure cleaner, the coating can become powdery and loose (making it difficult for the new coating to adhere). FCR can offer you any colour imaginable and in several formats from IRC, a trusted and well known Australian made paint manufacturer. After cleaning, the tin or Colourbond is sprayed with a milky primer (sealing and preparing the roof for two top-coats). In often quick succession on a calm fine day, the top-coat containing colour can be applied and then the final top-coat shortly afterwards due to it’s quick dry time. Thermal protection roof paint can be made available, as well as a range of self-cleaning type paints for maximum visual effect and durability. A glaze coating can also be applied to achieve IRC’s 15 year coating plans.

​Roof Painting

Tiled roofs can often be dramatically rejuvenated from cleaning and re-coating, making a home or business look and feel really fresh. Like most painting work, the correct preparation of a tiled roof for painting, is absolutely key. Before painting all tiles must be cleaned from all angles by a hot water pressure cleaner to properly sanitize them. After cleaning the bedding and pointing (or tile grout) often needs to be re-done to seal joins. Valleys require cleaning-out thoroughly and where required, a qualified roofer will replace cracked tiles, repair lead work, re-bed and inspect sky-lights. We also have a fantastic sky-light contractor. Every tile roof is primed at least once, then a further two coats of your preferred IRC roofing membrane colour is applied. Unless weather or scale is an issue, once the roof is prepared and dry, all coats of sealer and paint are applied in one day for your convenience.

Terracotta and Tired Roof Painting

Terracotta roofs are sometimes frowned-upon by those whom are charged with maintaining them. At FCR we’re actually always keen to work with terracotta roofs, as we’ve discovered the required methods for cleaning without endangering personnel and absolutely brilliant products to re-coat tired or dry looking terracotta tiles or even regular tiles, to last for many more years. The secret to unglazed terracotta tiles or tired looking concrete tiles (in decent condition), is a double re-coating of a glaze that doesn’t allow the porous material to take in mould as quickly as it usually does – giving it a richer look with an increased durability. Glazed terracotta tiles can also be cleaned successfully and if needed a treatment can also be arranged.

Commercial Roof Painting

FCR is ideally set-up with everything required for quick turnaround commercial roof cleaning and painting services. With two 5000psi hot water pressure cleaning units and powerful spray painting equipment large scale work is where we shine. With scaffolding, cherry picker or even rope and harness access equipment, whether it’s a flat tin roof or high pitched tiled cathedral roof, we’re always available. The economy of scale allows us to prepare a competitive quote and for businesses wanting to inspect and discuss the various coatings, colours and preparation techniques – we will walk you through each part of the job step by step, meeting you at our coating manufacturers plant to inspect the membranes we use if you wish.

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Before & After

Here we can see a roof that has been severely neglected; it’s roofing screws are in places beginning to rust quite considerably, paint has faded or gone powdery and even been stripped completely back to a bare surface after pressure cleaning.

The process followed was to replace about 100 roofing screws, remove and replace quite a lot of silicone around inlets, exhaust pipes and where aerials etc were attached to the roof and then spray two thick coats of Gull Grey Sun Tuff Paint.

All in all, this was a complete turn-around before more costly deterioration could set-in.