Specialising in gentle roof cleaning with all of the technical and at height know-how,
we love nothing more than to do a before & after on your roof.

General Roof Cleaning

We offer hot and cold water roof pressure cleaning for tin roofs, tiled roofs, metal, concrete or otherwise, making a vast difference to the appearance and cleanliness of your home or business. With roof moss removal, or roof mould removal such as seen above here in Mullumbimby, can slow down deterioration and rusting, by obliterating damaging mould spores; not to mention, cleaning a roof in the Northern Rivers will often really up-lift a home getting ready for sale, or make it feel more kept and regarded. Roof cleaning by FCR always includes rinsing your exterior gutter face too, plus rinsing of exterior spaces and walls.

Tricky Roofs & WHS

We’re adept at cleaning steeply angled roofs and possess all of the required training, certification and OHS procedures. Roof moss removal can often be slippery and hazardous if you don’t know how to keep yourself secured properly with ropes. “Safety doesn’t take a day off” especially when technical climbing skills are required for cleaning a roof in the Northern Rivers. This climbing and working at height skill-set as featured above during a big job in Possum Creek, has the team 2 stories high. Please don’t hesitate to call to discuss any questions you may have, even for difficult roof cleaning projects.

Commercial Roof Clean

Cleaning several thousand square meters of 2+ story tin roofing in the centre of Byron Bay, this commercial roof cleaning task was completed on time and on budget for the client. An excellent result was achieved with the light coloured tin coming back to be visually pleasing and the gutter faces shining once more. The manufacturers of roofing material often recommend periodical roof pressure cleaning for the sake of longevity. All commercial roof cleaning (as with most roof cleaning jobs) is offered with fixed prices and includes smoke removal, roof mould removal, dust and over-head tree stains.

Roof Clean Method

We say with roof cleaning, it’s best to not leave it too long, but certainly not clean it too frequently: because with every roof pressure clean, minor wear is possible (but leaving it too long will result in mould/ dust expediting deterioration). We revive your roof using environmentally friendly soaps where we have to, or most of the time just hot and cold water: ensuring the ‘gentle-jet’ system is deployed to keep wear to a minimum. Gutter cleaning is offered alone or naturally as an accompaniment to our roof cleaning services, usually as a separate charge. Roof mould removal can be quite different to dust or stain removal, but in every way, we intend to clean as gently as is possible.

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Full Circle Refinishing - Woman Temporary Profile“After seeing terrific results of high pressure cleaning on a colleagues house I wanted to see if the same application would work on a older style timber 1930’s weatherboard house. Oliver and I worked through the challenges and the results were remarkable. I’ve renovated several houses over 20 years, and was delighted by Oliver’s expertise and detail to finishing. The financial savings and increased property value were considerable with a job that traditionally would have taken weeks and two separate trades with associated inconvenience, to a job that took hours. I highly recommend the innovative process that Full Circle provides. ” L Martin, Designer, Byron Bay NSW

Before & After

Lucille required a full pressure clean from top to bottom whilst renovating an investment property in Mullumbimby. We started with the severely mouldy roof, which not only added instant value to her bottom line, it saved many thousands of dollars worth of paint deterioration down the track.

Next the walls were gently cleaned with lowered pressure and So-Safe Soap, in order to clean the mould thoroughly, but not chip the paint away. With the help of some old towels and Lucille’s assistance, the old fashioned windows and doors that leaked a little were plugged in order to not cause any internal water marks and presto, the home looked like new again! ​