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Why it's important to get your roof cleaned?

Roof cleaning in Ballina can be required for a variety of reasons. Whether a home requires preventative maintenance being located so close to coastal waters, for home sellers presenting their home in it’s best light, or prior to re-painting a roof in Ballina – for Full Circle Refinishing it’s all about getting the job done efficiently, cost effectively and with as little wear and tear as is possible. Many people will get their roof cleaned in Ballina every 3 or 4 years just to keep their home looking kept and as a responsible measure of prolonging the life of their paint. Many roof paint and exterior paint manufacturers recommend that homeowners clean their roof annually to allow the paint to breath and maintain its resilience.

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“I highly recommend Full Circle. I engaged Oliver to wash windows in my complicated three level house as well as doing high pressure cleaning of stone paving and the concrete drive. He did an amazing job. He is organized, smart, efficient and flexible. When you see how quickly and efficiently he moved through the house and yard, it made me realize that I wouldn’t even bother trying to do this cleaning job again myself. The house looks like it’s had a total facelift. Total value for money.”Merran Morrison

Before & After

Merran’s timber home in Byron Bay required pressure cleaning all over, including the driveway, around the pool, pathways and hard to reach windows, plus she had a large timber deck requiring some rejuvenating. Once the pressure cleaning and windows were done, the hard porous surfaces were sealed with two coats of sealant to prevent future mould growth.

Where decking and wooden hand rails have become so dry and splintered as can be seen here, often an orbital sander and or broom sander as enough to lower the grain and make way for a quality oil to re-stain the surface. Her lovely hardwood furniture was stained all at the same time, ensuring a uniform colour and finish.