Pressure Cleaning, Roof Cleaning,
Roof Painting, Timber Deck Maintenance

Pressure Cleaning

From mouldy walls, concrete paths, screens or driveways, to whole factories and roofs, we pressure-clean it all domestically and commercially with the best adjustable pressure cleaning equipment around – up to 5000psi of pressure available.

Timber Maintenance

With over 10 years experience maintaining all types of timber on yachts and terra-firma, we refinish timber homes, decks and balustrades. All surfaces get prepared via sanding or pressure cleaning and re-oiled using every type of timber substrate.

Roof Cleaning

Specialising in gentle-jet roof cleaning with all technical and at height know-how, we love nothing more than to do a before & after on your roof. Using adjustable machines and fat heavy jets of water, the very least wear tear is assured.

Roof Painting

From tin to tile, Full Circle Refinishing provides excellent roof restoration and painting in Northern NSW. With the best equipment available and quality Australian made paints, be sure to give us a call when the time comes to paint or re-paint your roof.


The idea behind ‘refinishing’ is to be multi-disciplined in exterior maintenance, including pressure cleaning, roof cleaning and roof painting, timber maintenance and many other services. This makes us a one-stop-shop for many clients.

We love to take your building ‘full circle’,
back to it’s original glory.

Oliver Hallock of Full Circle Refinishing has been working with people and properties for many years. Originally in yacht maintenance he now brings his exceptional care and quality to all aspects of exterior refinishing including roof cleaning, pressure cleaning, roof painting and timber deck maintenance. Oliver Hallock and his team are based centrally in Tintenbar and Byron Bay NSW and regularly provide roof cleaning, pressure cleaning and refinishing services to Ballina, Lismore, Bangalow and the surrounding areas.


We quote quickly and precisely using additional methods such as satellite imagery, or with over the phone checklists, making quotes super fast and accurate

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Pressure cleaning quotes

With pressure cleaning jobs we generally like to inspect the site, but this can be estimated over the phone very easily if need be too, as well as interrogated using satellite imagery for large pressure cleaning jobs. Estimates for pressure blasting are quite easily done over the phone too, so give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss.

Roof cleaning quotes

With detailed birds eye views of almost every roof in Australia, plus a short conversation, we can estimate roof cleaning jobs within minutes, arranging a site inspection to follow. Roof pressure cleaning is a skilled job and whilst every job is completely different, usually a roof clean is quoted purely on a square meter basis.

Roof painting quotes

With a qualified painter roofer on deck, we inspect and ensure any maintenance requirements are brought to your attention whilst providing competitive price per metre roof painting quotes. Usually roof paint quotes are on the spot or within 24 hours from the time of our visit in case there are any roof repair items to quote.

Timber Maintenance quotes

We always quote timber and deck maintenance and decking jobs in person; due to the nature of timber, there is always a tactile aspect to this process. Timber Oiling in Byron Bay is our most frequent request and whilst we work regularly with all decking or timber products, oiling timber along coastal areas is commonly recommended.


Our work ethic, quality and integrity speaks for itself. Below are a number of testimonials for our work in pressure cleaning, roof cleaning, roof painting and timber maintenance.

“After seeing terrific results of high pressure cleaning on a colleagues house I wanted to see if the same application would work on a Older Style timber 1930’s weatherboard house. Oliver and I worked through the challenges and the results were remarkable. I’ve renovated several houses over 20 years, and was delighted by Oliver’s expertise and detail to finishing. The financial savings and increased property value were considerable with a job that traditionally would have taken weeks and two separate trades with associated inconvenience, to a job that took hours. I highly recommend the innovative process that Full Circle provides. “
L Martin, Designer, Byron Bay NSW

“I highly recommend Full Circle. I engaged Oliver to wash windows in my complicated three level house as well as doing high pressure cleaning of stone paving and the concrete drive. He did an amazing job. He is organized, smart, efficient and flexible. When you see how quickly and efficiently he moved through the house and yard, it made me realize that I wouldn’t even bother trying to do this cleaning job again myself. The house looks like it’s had a total facelift. Total value for money.”
Merran Morrison

“Thanks so much! Brett & I really appreciate the excellent job you did cleaning up the exterior of our house, roof, gutters, driveway and outdoor patio areas. Great attention to detail and a thorough job with reasonable rates. This, together with professional and pleasant and prompt service makes for a great experience dealing with your company. We will definitely recommend you to friends and family..”
Marion McClintock, Property Management Support, Ballina, NSW

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