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Specialising in roof cleaning in Lismore.

We are available for roof cleaning jobs large or small.

Why it’s important to get your roof cleaned?

Homes often require roof cleaning and roof restoration in Lismore, due to the mould build-up associated with the moist environment and country surrounds.

With the many lovely leafy green streets with overhanging trees or nearby shrubland, roof mould removal is very important.

Both Colourbond roof cleaning and tile roof cleaning in Lismore are considered common roof restorations jobs, and both of which can be done safely and without too much wear and tear if done properly with the correct roof restoration equipment.

It’s best to clean your roof or have roof restorations periodically to avoid deep mould pores compromising the roof paint or other issues that may lead to costly roof repairs.

Roof Clean Method

We say with roof restorations and roof cleaning in Lismore, it’s best to not leave it too long, but certainly not clean it too frequently: because with every roof pressure clean, minor wear to roof painting is possible (but leaving it too long will result in mould/dust expediting deterioration).

Our high quality job will revive your metal roof or roof tiles using environmentally friendly soaps where we have to, or most of the time just hot and cold water: ensuring the ‘gentle-jet’ roof cleaning system is deployed to keep wear to a minimum.

Gutter cleaning is offered alone or naturally as an accompaniment to our roof cleaning services, usually as a separate charge.

Roof mould removal can be quite different to dust or stain removal, but in every way, we intend to clean as gently as is possible, whether working on metal roofs or roof tiles.

There’s an element of opportunity cost to pressure cleaning roof in Lismore, Byron Bay, Lennox Head, and other surrounding areas in the Northern Rivers.

Lismore pressure cleaners, like the team at Full Circle, understand that whilst there is an up front cost to roof maintenance services and pressure roof cleaning, to not pressure wash your paintwork and roofs etc can cost you more down the track through the degradation of surfaces from mould and the need for more expensive roof repair services or complete roof restoration in Lismore.

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About FCR Roof and Deck Restoration (aka Full Circle Refinishing)

Full Circle Refinishing (re-branded to the nickname FCR ‘roof and deck restoration’ in 2020), is an independently owned and operated small business that began in 2013; an unfoldment from a single man unit into now a multi-disciplined 3 vehicle operation.

We knew that Lismore roof restorations, pressure washing and roof cleaning services would provide great value if delivered correctly, but there was more to the business than just that.

It brings great joy, whether it be a customer or one of our team, to get to see and feel the difference when a space is returned to its former glory.

And that, is essentially what we do here at FCR.

Our pressure roof cleaning in Lismore NSW can uplift, restore and refinish external surfaces, in particular roofs and decks, using high quality hot water pressure cleaners, specialised deck sanding equipment, honed preparation processes and then mastered application of various high quality coatings.

Where required we do this in conjunction with long standing business partners, in particular working with one of the top quality roof restorations and largest roofing companies in the Northern Rivers and trusted professional painters.

“I highly recommend Full Circle. I engaged Oliver to wash windows in my complicated three level house as well as doing high pressure cleaning of stone paving and the concrete drive. He did an amazing job. He is organized, smart, efficient and flexible. When you see how quickly and efficiently he moved through the house and yard, it made me realize that I wouldn’t even bother trying to do this cleaning job again myself. The house looks like it’s had a total facelift. Total value for money.”Merran Morrison

Before & After

Merran’s timber home in Byron Bay required pressure cleaning all over, including the driveway, around the pool, pathways and hard to reach windows, plus she had a large timber deck requiring some rejuvenating.

Once the pressure cleaning and windows were done, the hard porous surfaces were sealed with two coats of sealant to prevent future mould growth.

Where decking and wooden hand rails have become so dry and splintered as can be seen here, often an orbital sander and or broom sander as enough to lower the grain and make way for a quality oil to re-stain the surface. Her lovely hardwood furniture was stained all at the same time, ensuring a uniform colour and finish.