Timber Deck Maintenance, Byron Bay

All timber and deck maintenance in Byron Bay is
​as a result of UV exposure and dampness.

About Timber Maintenance in Byron Bay

All timber and deck maintenance in Byron Bay is as a result of UV exposure and dampness. Adding to this, by the coast, there are other factors like the moist sub-tropical humidity (further dampness) and a greater propensity for salt and sand to be blown into the grain of external timbers (that cause faster deterioration too).

There are a range of substrates, or coatings that can be applied to timber for varying looks, stability reasons (preventing warping, twisting, splitting and rotting) or even the way a finished timber feels under foot, or on the hand.

At Full Circle, we recommend that households and businesses make an informed decision and most of the time, this means following along with their current system or coating until it peels beyond repair. We then recommend replacing their old system with a quality timber oil.

Where timber coatings look great and can often feel lovely underfoot, they trap dampness in, as the timber isn’t able to breath as well as it could with timber oil.

We often recommend staying with your current product until that system inevitably fails, as stripping a timber deck for example is often cost prohibitive and hazardous to the other parts of the home. Timber and deck maintenance in Byron Bay and many parts of Australia tends to be left too long, leaving often patchy and scattered looking timber decks. If a coating has failed completely, we recommend stripping the coating with our deck sanding equipment, or if there are raised nail heads, stripping using paint stripper and a pressure cleaner.

Following this, a quality penetrating timber oil such as Cutek (that can be found at Byron Bay Building Supplies or Nth Coast Timber) can be applied.

With two coats in most circumstances and then 6-12 monthly recoating, there is absolute minimum preparation required and the stabilizing qualities of timber oil are absolutely fantastic over the long term.

The worst that can happen to a deck that’s been left for several years, for example oiled with Cutek, is that it will grey-off or just dry a little on the surface (with oil still stabilizing the inner grain).

Here it is a matter of pressure cleaning with a timber soap and reapplying some oil with your preferred tint.

​Good timber and deck maintenance in Byron Bay is about having a system and regularity – the benefits of which are ease of maintenance, avoiding large costly stripping or sanding exercises, or worse again, timber and deck replacement.

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“When Oliver said he left our home “sparkling” I thought he was speaking figuratively. I pulled up outside our home and it was literally SPARKLING! I never realised our dark grey driveway concrete was in fact closer to white with little silver flecks that reflected the sunlight. The view out of my office window is no longer of old cobwebs and mould, but clean and clear – it just feels amazing. I did not realise how much cleaning the outside of my house would change what it feels like on the inside. Thank you Oliver!”
​Simone Miranda Lewis, Goonellabah, NSW

Before & After

Simone required the roof to be cleared using a blower, as the tree overhead was shedding it’s leaves. The gutters needed to be emptied, plus it was requested the whole home be freshened-up, because things were starting to get a bit stark.

Everything went to plan and in only a few hours the home looked fantastic, just for a down-poor expected that weekend.