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One of the most frustrating things any homeowner will have to deal with is trying to clean up stains on their driveway. Not only is it time-consuming to clean by hand, but those stains can ruin the appeal of a home or business.  

Fortunately, Full Circle Refinishing are the premier pressure cleaning service in the Byron Bay area. We offer high-pressure cleaning for residential structures as well as commercial pressure washing for larger industrial facilities and businesses. We cater to homes and businesses located in Eltham, Byron Bay and surroundng areas.

We don’t just clean driveways either – we are the preferred choice for house power washing services in Eltham and Byron Bay. Getting high pressure cleaning services for your home will do wonders for the way it looks. We will get rid of the built-up dirt, mould, paint, rust, grime and anything else that might have covered up the original façade of a building over the years.

Are You Looking for Local Pressure Cleaning Experts?

At Full Circle Refinishing, we are experts at commercial water blasting and high pressure cleaning services. We can clean a wide array of surfaces made of wood, brick, asphalt, and metal. Utilising Gerni and Karcher pressure cleaners with up to 5000 psi, our expert technicians will use a mixture of hot water and detergent to break down any unwanted stains. We do an amazing job in cleaning up any area around a home or business including fences, pool decks, driveways, roofs, gutters, bricks, and other paving stones. We’ll get to all the hard to reach spots like gutters and eaves so that pesky things like cobwebs or wasp’s nests are a thing of the past.

Does Your Building Look Like It Needs a Bath?

Whether you have a car park or the floor of an industrial property in need of high pressure cleaning, or you simply want the outside of your home to look brand new, Full Circle Refinishing has the manpower and machines to complete any high pressure cleaning task in the most efficient manner.

When cleaning surfaces in the yard or garden, our technicians always make sure to adjust the pressure accordingly. We ensure that the high pressure washing job is done right and never do damage to any plants or cause paint to flake off.  

We also carry specialty cleaning supplies and have the know-how to remove unwanted graffiti that vandals may have left.  After having their homes power washed by us, many customers have even realised that there was no longer a need to repaint the exterior or replace a roof. Our high pressure cleaning in Eltham and Byron Bay has saved home and business owners thousands of dollars in renovations and improvement projects.

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We are the go-to company for all your needs for pressure cleaning in Eltham, Byron Bay, and surrounding suburbs. Contact us at 0455 573 554 for a free quote and let the professionals at Full Circle Refinishing give your home or business a deep cleaning and restore the original beauty of your building.

Why Choose Full Circle Refinishing?

Between all members on our team, we have years of experience in coating roofs, roof restoration, and high pressure cleaning in Eltham, Byron Bay, and nearby areas. This company was founded to bring only the best service to the highly demanding Eltham and Byron Bay roof restoration industry.

We love to take your building from where it is, ‘full circle’, back to its original glory.

Full Circle Refinishing (re-branded to the nickname FCR ‘roof and deck restoration’ in 2020), is an independently owned and operated small business that began in 2013. We knew that roof restoration services and pressure cleaning in Eltham and Byron Bay would provide great value if delivered correctly, but there was more to the business than just that and affordable prices.

We uplift, restore and refinish external surfaces, in particular roofs and decks.

We use high quality hot water pressure cleaners, specialised deck sanding equipment, honed preparation processes and then mastered application of various high quality coatings.
Our roof restoration and pressure cleaning team in Eltham and Byron Bay is small and can expand quickly with our trusted partners. Everyone who works for FCR loves what they do and so when we are on site there is an ease and a productive flow amongst our team – we work with the latest in machinery, safety equipment and technology, whilst always being communicative, fun loving and professional. We are certified to work at heights and insured for all services provided, including roof restoration, roof cleaning, and pressure cleaning in Eltham, Byron Bay, and surrounding areas.

Proudly Serving Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a beachside town located in the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is located 772 kms north of Sydney and 165 kms south of Brisbane. The town has several beaches which are popular for surfing. It is a resort area popular with both domestic and international tourists, including backpackers, who travel along the Australian coast. Byron Bay also lies close to subtropical rainforests, and areas such as the Nightcap National Park with the Minyon Falls which are all within easy reach of the town. Full Circle Refinishing has been serving Byron Bay since starting up and has become the leading roof refresher in the area.
“Thanks so much! Brett & I really appreciate the excellent job you did cleaning up the exterior of our house, roof, gutters, driveway and outdoor patio areas. Great attention to detail and a thorough job with reasonable rates. This, together with professional and pleasant and prompt service makes for a great experience dealing with your company. We will definitely recommend you to friends and family. ” Marion McClintock, Property Management Support, Ballina, NSW