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With over 10 years of experience maintaining all types of timber decks, we refinish homes, decks, and balustrades. Our top-of-the-line deck sander equipment works like magic to prepare for re-oiling.

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Customer Education: Sanding The Deck

Deck sanding is one of our top services for timber preparation. Based on the coating manufacturer’s guidelines and our own practical experience from years on the field, we sand decks with accuracy and quality well above the standard. Deck sanding is important to remove any damaged and splintered timber. It also ensures that the refinishing process produces great results. So if a project requires sanding, we make sure to bring out the big guns. Our specialist deck sanding machine is unlike any other. It is a powerful device designed to remove your coating, but not sand down your deck like traditional methods. It uses a rotating brush system that can roll effortlessly over raised nail heads and screws.


Customer Education: Layer Coating Vs. Penetrating Oils

In refinishing one’s deck, there are two common types of coatings used: penetrating oils and layer coatings. Our clients have their own preferences but we recommend sticking with your current coating until it peels off or fails as a system. Layer coatings are generally water-based (with a few exceptions like Sikkens HLS oil), which means they dry more quickly and are quite easy to clean. One of its biggest benefits is producing a more defined and glossier look, a common preference for some deck-owners. On the other hand, penetrating oils type of finish that absorbs into the wood so it is more durable especially outdoors. It is more difficult to peel or flake over time. Even if left unmaintained, it will only grey out or get a more weathered look. 


Customer Education: Which Type of Timber Oil Should I Choose?

Although we recommend staying with your current product until it eventually peels off beyond repair, we find that choosing a product for a newly prepared deck a big thing for our customers. Stripping a timber deck is costly and can be hazardous so we urge our customers to hold back on switching to a new product if the current coating is still in place nicely. Traditional penetrating oils can be good; aside from the ease of maintenance, penetrating oils have fantastic stabilising qualities that are effective for the long-term health of timber. Layer coatings generally look more beautiful and intentional, wash more easily, and tend to have less splintering – although when they fail they will require a more costly process to re-set. We will talk you through the process with ease so that you’re confident you have the correct product for your use and ease of maintenance.


Deck Maintenance With Sanding and Oiling

Getting a deck means having to take care of it. Outdoor decks are subjected to UV exposure and dampness daily. Considering the sub-tropical climate and humidity by the coast, there is a higher rate of timber deterioration in decks due to additional dampness and the greater propensity of salt or sand. Nevertheless, decks can be kept in good condition through regular maintenance. A 6 to 12 monthly sanding and oiling are enough to keep your deck safe and pleasant. Full Circle Refinishing provides reliable deck maintenance service around Northern Rivers. Experience, skill, and dedication set our services apart.

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“When Oliver said he left our home “sparkling” I thought he was speaking figuratively. I pulled up outside our home and it was literally SPARKLING! I never realised our dark grey driveway concrete was in fact closer to white with little silver flecks that reflected the sunlight. The view out of my office window is no longer of old cobwebs and mould, but clean and clear – it just feels amazing. I did not realise how much cleaning the outside of my house would change what it feels like on the inside. Thank you Oliver!” ​Simone Miranda Lewis, Goonellabah, NSW

Before & After

Simone required the roof to be cleared using a blower, as the tree overhead was shedding it’s leaves. The gutters needed to be emptied, plus it was requested the whole home be freshened-up, because things were starting to get a bit stark. Everything went to plan and in only a few hours the home looked fantastic, just for a down-poor expected that weekend.