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Leading Roof Cleaning Services in Ballina
One of the most important features of any building is the roof. Not only does it serve to protect the interior of a structure from the elements, but it also affects the aesthetic quality of a building. Keeping a roof clean and looking great will not only increase the value of a property but it will also ensure that whatever is in that building is protected.

At Full Circle Refinishing, we are a team of premier roof cleaning contractors servicing the Northern NSW area. Regardless of whether your structure has mould, algae, moss or lichen growing on it, or it is a matter of a metal roof being stained or showing signs of rust, we can clean any roof large or small.   

Are You Looking for Local Roof Cleaning Experts?
If you are searching for a company that does roof cleaning in Ballina and the surrounding areas, Full Circle Refinishing are the specialists to choose. We offer pressure washing and chemical treatments for a full-service clean.   

For structures with angled roofs, we will gently pressure clean away any dirt and grime so that your building looks new. Buildings with flat roofs, on the other hand, we begin with scraping away any rust or biological matter that has built up before treating it with chemicals to get it clean and keep it that way.  

In addition, we will create a maintenance plan to make sure that the structure protecting your building stays clean for a longer amount of time. During the cleaning process, we’ll also search for any signs of wear or damage that might potentially cause problems down the line. This way, you can begin to make plans in case your roof might need to be replaced or repaired in the future.

The Full Circle Refinishing Promise
With a decade of experience working on yachts, our owner-manager Oliver Hallock brought his expertise of maintaining high-end wood decks made from teak onto dry land in an effort to help the upkeep of domestic and commercial buildings.  

Cleaning a commercial roof is something you never want to rush, and we make sure to take the time to ensure the job is done properly. We are also committed to safety, so all members of our team have received proper OHS training and certification, and we follow all recommended OHS procedures.

Does Your Business Need Its Roof Cleaned?
Full Circle Refinishing is the right choice for commercial roof cleaning in Ballina. Maintaining a roof is one of the best ways to assure that a property keeps. It increases its value, and getting a roof cleaned will keep it in excellent condition and prolong the longevity of your structure. Contact our team today at 0455 573 554 for a free quote, and let the professionals make sure your roof looks its best.
Proudly Serving Ballina
Ballina is a town based in New South Wales, Australia located 600 kms north of Sydney and 160 kms south of Brisbane. Ballina was established in the 1840s on the northern shore of the Richmond River near Cape Byron, Australia’s most easterly point. Ballina is home to the world’s largest prawn that is made of concrete and fibreglass and sits on a stand next to the entrance of the Bunnings Warehouse car park. Ballina serves as a tourism gateway to the close-by destinations of Lismore and Byron Bay. Ballina is served by four high schools and five primary schools, a hospital and aged care facilities. Full Circle Refinishing has been serving Ballina since starting up and has become the leading roof refresher in the area.
“Thanks so much! Brett & I really appreciate the excellent job you did cleaning up the exterior of our house, roof, gutters, driveway and outdoor patio areas. Great attention to detail and a thorough job with reasonable rates. This, together with professional and pleasant and prompt service makes for a great experience dealing with your company. We will definitely recommend you to friends and family. ” Marion McClintock, Property Management Support, Ballina, NSW